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Application Development

Applications are the lifeblood of your organization, and the right application can enable your organization to grow faster and your employees to reach their full potential. Business applications can be used internally or externally, or alongside other applications.

Not all applications are created equal, especially for organizations with unique offerings, in need of customized solutions. ConvergeOne takes a customer first focus and by leveraging cloud-native platforms builds applications specific to our customer’s needs and processes.

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Use Cases: Is Custom Software Right for You?

My industry has extremely strict security & privacy regulations

Complying with changing customer expectations and compliance requirements needs the right applications

I have industry-specific needs

Off-the-shelf software often can’t keep pace with your evolving industry landscape

Scalability is (or might be) a problem

Don’t rely on workarounds or band-aid solutions to accelerate growth

I need my software to work a certain way, all the time

Avoid vendor lock-in and capitalize on modern functionality for positive business results
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Modern, cloud-native custom apps

Build custom, cloud-native applications to reach your market faster with ConvergeOne Application Development.

  • Scale effortlessly and reduce operating costs with serverless application development
  • Deliver specific functionality to your end users quickly and easily with custom web applications
  • Quickly build and deliver SaaS applications to your employees, customers, vendors and partners

Proven. Progressive. Purposeful.

ConvergeOne helps customers reduce cycle times and get to market faster by building new cloud-native applications and modernizing existing tools. Our expertise covers the big three cloud service providers.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

with multiple competencies including DevOps, Migration and Solution Provider

Google Cloud Partner

with multiple certifications, including Cloud Developer Professional, Data Engineer Professional and Cloud Architect Professional

Microsoft Gold Partner

with multiple competencies, including Application Development, DevOps and Azure Cloud Platform

Custom solutions create transformative results

To comply with both customer expectations and industry regulations, you need the right software in the right place. ConvergeOne Application Development provides custom solutions to boost productivity throughout the entire organization. 

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